Biccies, stepping out of the shadows.

Those of you familiar with The Cupcake Sanctuary blog will already be aware of Biccies, we’d introduced the new addition to the stable some weeks back but we thought as the two companies have such separate business models, and target markets, it would be more appropriate for Biccies to have a blog of its own, and this is it.

So where does Biccies differ from The Cupcake Sanctuary, well Biccies is an online business where purchases are made via the website through a cart which utilises the Nochex verification and payment system. The store is a virtual one though the goods are baked and iced on The Cupcake Sanctuary’s premises, making good use of existing staff and facilities.

Where The Cupcake Sanctuary is a localised business that relies on both recommendations and passing traffic, Biccies is completely different. The product for a start has a shelf life of up to three months, they can be delivered worldwide, Hong Kong and Australia being examples of recent deliveries.

The key is directing traffic to, this is achieved through the use of SEO, or search engine optimisation as well as PPC, pay per click advertising through Google. These are both completely new terms to us and as such we are on a very steep learning curve, we’ve made good use of Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to publicise Biccies and we have a daily budget set for the PPC campaign.

As with all start ups we are receiving frequent offers of assistance in this field, promises to increase our revenue through smart utilisation of search engines are made on a daily basis, I don’t doubt that they work it’s just unfortunate that as of this moment in time our budget doesn’t quite stretch that far.

We are now approaching the tail end of what many retailers refer to as the quiet period, the summer months when most people, well parents anyway, take their annual holiday. Industry has seen a dramatic decline in sales during this period but we are convinced that as the chill begins to set sales will improve.

Retailers will already have an eye on Christmas, as a mother to five (including two step daughters) I know I do, I’ve already worked out where the tree will be going in the shop, much to my Husbands chagrin, he says every year that Christmas doesn’t start until our youngest boy has his birthday, well that’s December 21st and I’m not waiting until then!!

Biccies has an excellent Christmas range and we’re working with some household names with a view to engaging with them on tie ups during the festive period


About biccies

I am a mother to five, wife to one and the M.D., owner and driving force behind Biccies, an online edible gift company as well as The Cupcake Sanctuary, a stunning cupcake and coffee shop based in Medway, Kent.
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