Be my Valentine

It’s been a while since we posted and we’re sorry for that, December and January were both incredibly busy months for us here at Biccies Preparation for the Festive food fair kept us occupied for the early part of the month and then the orders we received in the run up to Christmas really knocked us off of our feet.

Unfortunately my Husband and I were quite poorly over Christmas so at Easter we have decided to stage our Christmas dinner again, the children still enjoyed themselves though, they had sweets, presents and DVD’s…bliss!!

Just before Christmas we had the good fortune to be able to make a few extra biscuits for our two favourite charities, The Children’s Trust and Demelza House , both are childrens hospices and we wanted to cheer the patients, their families, and the amazing staff up. We also made a special delivery to a local homeless hostel.

The New Year was barely a day old when we began to bake the first biscuits of a corporate order we were fortunate enough to have secured, 2,500 biscuits later we were done and delivered, the client was delighted and we await their feedback to add to our website.

We’ve already started their next batch, 4,500 biscuits this time, all hand made, very demanding. We are very fortunate in that I own The Cupcake Sanctuary, a store in Chatham which we’ve had to close to use as a preparation workshop for Biccies.

Amongst all this we have Valentine’s day, orders are coming thick and fast for Valentine themed Biccies and it’s lovely reading some of the messages that people are sending to each other, there’s so much love out there.

Feel free to browse the sight and treat someone special to something very special.

Happy Valentine’s day x


About biccies

I am a mother to five, wife to one and the M.D., owner and driving force behind Biccies, an online edible gift company as well as The Cupcake Sanctuary, a stunning cupcake and coffee shop based in Medway, Kent.
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