Mother’s Day, a chance to rest? Oh no…not in my game! is of course an edible ‘gift’ company and it should therefore come as no surprise to me that each time a popular event occurs I am going to be somewhat busier than usual. What I keep being surprised by is just how busy it gets.

Christmas was crazy,

Valentines was very busy

and Mother’s Day, well, that was just insane.

So the next big event, Father’s Day, we are more than ready for and whilst we are some time away yet we are already busily preparing our google campaign, our press campaign and our staff planning. We’ve been caught out on the odd occasion but that won’t be happening this time.

Here’s a preview of what can be ordered from Biccies this Father’s Day, I wouldn’t hang about either as demand is always extremely high.


About biccies

I am a mother to five, wife to one and the M.D., owner and driving force behind Biccies, an online edible gift company as well as The Cupcake Sanctuary, a stunning cupcake and coffee shop based in Medway, Kent.
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One Response to Mother’s Day, a chance to rest? Oh no…not in my game!

  1. aphroditenet says:

    Now there’s an idea! Could have one very happy Daddy in our house!

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