The Importance of partnerships

The advent of the internet and in particular the explosion in growth of social media platforms such as linkedin, twitter, and Facebook to name just a few, has brought with it the opportunity for anybody, anywhere to utilise their talents and, design produce or manufacture products that had previously never made it past their immediate circle of families and friends.

I have a small business, two in fact, and it’s without question in my mind that were it not for these aforementioned platforms then the exposure received by those companies would be tiny by comparison.

Biccies for example won the Icelab Kent e-commerce award, this was something my husband discovered on twitter, he applied online and the rest as they say is history.

I was fortunate enough to have appeared in Essential Magazines Christmas edition last year, and the reason for this was that the journalist had read some tips I’d placed on one of my companies Facebook page. On top of this an article in the Daily Mirror came about because again I’d placed some content online which was well received.

Twitter is excellent for expanding your product coverage, there are tweeters dedicated to promoting small businesses and I’ve added followers by engaging with them, here are a few of the popular twitter ID’s:-

@virtualbuscent – @bizitalk – @purpledognet – @bluebiznet

I’ve listed some of the immediate ones that spring to mind, there are of course many more out there and please do feel free to add them to this post in the comments section.

The use of hashtags is a must, once you start to follow these guys you’ll soon learn to understand what that means, here are a few examples of those:-

#piggyback – #followladder – #followbeach – #virtualfollows – #bizitalk #purplebiz

I should warn you that if you don’t currently use Twitter, it’s seriously addictive, you’ll be amazed at the subjects you suddenly find yourself interested in and distracted by.

The legendary dragon Theo Pathitis runs a competion on Twitter known as #SBS Small Business Sunday, it’s not an accolade I’ve had the good fortune to pick up as yet but I’ll keep trying. It’s a great feeling when a person successful in businesses recognises what you are trying to do and awards you with a merit of their own, I was fortunate enough to have been identified by Jacqueline Gold to be deserving of a #wow accolade, Women on Wednesday in which she selects three businesses for recognition each week.

A social media strategy is very important to businesses these days, no matter how large or small, it is particularly vital though for small businesses, marketing a company is expensive and social media can reduce those costs and compete in terms of exposure. For those that find the whole thing a little daunting, advice is available, there are some very talented people out there offering social media strategy workshops.

The reference in the title to partnerships is a nod to the plethora of opportunity out there for having your products displayed through other websites,Cashcow and etsy , for example are two outstanding examples I would highly recommend a visit to. It is an excellent way to increase the exposure for your products whilst at the same time introducing new business platforms to your existing client base.

That’s me for now but no doubt I’ll have more to say on this subject before too long…


About biccies

I am a mother to five, wife to one and the M.D., owner and driving force behind Biccies, an online edible gift company as well as The Cupcake Sanctuary, a stunning cupcake and coffee shop based in Medway, Kent.
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  1. Wow, well done Jo, looks like things are going great.

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