The Purple Dog

To many Twitter users@purpledognet won’t need much of an introduction. I first spotted her around six months ago and have watched in awe as she very quickly accumulated a very healthy number of followers, 19,831 to date!

The Dog actively retweets messages that it thinks may be of use to its followers, each day she chooses a ‘UK business of the day’, to qualify you need to have retweeted about the previous days winner. Hundreds of people enter each day and with exposure to as many as 50,000 tweeters a day who wouldn’t want to win?

This little dog does so much more than that though, for example she offers a Twitter Health check service in which she provides feedback on how to improve your standing on twitter.

Other services include a starter pack, a booster pack and a breakthrough pack.
For those with specific needs a tailored package can be arranged and through telephone consultation and hands on management, for a pre defined time period, the purple dog can really help grow both your awareness of Twitter and your number of followers.
Not only that but they will also advise you how best to maximise the power of Twitter for the benefit of your business.

Evidence of its strategies success is the network of local PDN branches that are springing up, including one in my very own Kent.

If you aren’t following the purple dog, you should be!


About biccies

I am a mother to five, wife to one and the M.D., owner and driving force behind Biccies, an online edible gift company as well as The Cupcake Sanctuary, a stunning cupcake and coffee shop based in Medway, Kent.
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