The Great Train Robbery

The recent announcement that rail fares are set to increase yet again was met with disbelief, commuters already struggling with the cost of travel are to be hit in the pockets again.

Rail travel in Britain is in some cases up to ten times the cost of fares on the continent, for example a season ticket from Woking to London, inclusive of tube costs £3,268 whilst a journey of the same distance in Italy costs just £336. Shocking.

The graphic below shows how rail fares have increased over inflation since 2004.

Biccies rail fares is disappointed by rail fares

Using the example of a friend we have, he and his family moved from Kent to Lincolnshire a few years back for a quieter life, he commutes into London every weekday for work which is a bit of a mission in itself, 2.5 hours each way if all connections run well.

He currently pays £7,800 a year for his season ticket and this recent announcement which could see the cost of that same ticket increase to £8,500 has left him wondering whether he can actually afford to come to London to work anymore. A local job could be an option but there’s not much available for his skill set and being in his early 50’s a new career is probably not an option either.

So what does he do? Does he continue in vein struggling to keep his head above water, struggling to put food on the table or does he simply give up and join the ranks of those on benefits. Free cash for no effort must be looking very attractive to a lot of people that are struggling due to similar circumstances…if this government isn’t careful it will allow the rail companies to price people out of commuting, those people will then flood into already stressed local job markets…wages would fall, tax contributions would decrease or be lost altogether as would their rail fare contributions meaning that even more burden is placed on those that do plough on..

Quite simply we seem to be heading towards a society which is better off being supported by the government…I’m not sure how a society of that type would end up but we at Biccies know one thing….it won’t be pleasant.

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Olympics 2012 Team GB, our most successful ever? Actually no!!

Team GB have absolutely surpassed all expectations with their performances thus far at the 2012 London Olympics, currently in possession of 48 medals including 22 golds and 13 silver and 13 bronze medals. We’ve had the absolute privilege of seeing the big names come through, the Ainslie’s, Ennis’, Farah’s, Hoy’s and Pendleton’s of this team came to these games with huge reputations and the weight of expectation on their shoulders and guess what? They delivered.

Andy Murray? Olympic Champion, no chance surely, not after being completely outclassed by ‘The Fed Express’ at Wimbledon just a few weeks back…HE ONLY BLOODY DID IT and not only that he only narrowly missed out on another gold in the mixed doubles with Laura Robson.

The marksman, the rowers, the runners, the heptathlete, the sailors, the cyclists, the track and field team, the swimmers, the Judo team, the boxers..each and every one of them has left a huge mark on these olympics and given most of Britain, I say most because there really are some miserable people out there with no interest at all, Mr Morrissey….ahem…given most of Britain something to really shout about….how amazed have we been by it all….what a captivating time for us all. The Biccies household didn’t expect to be that interested if i’m honest but you know what, we’ve had nothing else on…it has been brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

I wondered whether we’d ever done so well in the olympics before because I can’t remember such elation and success during my lifetime, guess what we have…in 1908 when we again hosted the games here in London, only because of a volcano erupting in Italy mind…the games were moved here at short notice. They say there’s such a thing as home advantage which could go some way to explaining the 146 medals we won…yep rub your eyes you did see that, 146 medals, 56 gold, 51 silver and 39 bronze.

Those were of course completely different times, there were events that simply do not have a place in the olympics today, the tug of war for example but either way it’s great for our overall medal count and do you know what? That’s bloody brilliant.

Go on team GB….keep em coming 🙂 salutes you Sir Chris Hoy salutes you Sir Chris Hoy

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Christmas gifts by Biccies

This weather is crazy isn’t it, we’ve spent two months in a downpour and now as I sit and write this, in 30 degree heat, I wonder how on earth I have managed to turn my mind to Christmas.

Business, that’s how, Corporate clients are extremely important to Biccies, the excitement of being involved in a pitch, from the point of contact, through the initial design and approval process right up to the point of delivery, it’s an exciting time.

We have a great range of hand iced biscuits here at biccies and our Christmas range is among our favourites, but there’s nothing like a personalised corporate gift order to really get the creativity flowing.

To give you some idea of what we can do, here are a selection of our christmas gift biscuits.

Those biscuits can be personalised to incorporate your company logo and colours, or whatever message you wish to give. Alternatively we can help you come up with your very own design. We are, unbelievably, starting to talk to last years clients about this years Christmas orders….we’d love to talk to you about yours too.

Considerable discounts are given for bulk orders.

All the best

Jo @ Biccies

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Biccies joins Not on the High Street

Part of the challenge for Biccies is to rank high enough on search engines in order to attract enough traffic to the website, increased traffic leads to increased sales, meaning increased revenue..hopefully!

Here at Biccies we are currently teaching ourselves SEO techniques, combining information freely available on the internet with a strategy devised for us by an external provider whose charges are unbelievably reasonable.

It is pretty fascinating stuff but it is also incredibly time consuming, hence the ridiculous fees suggested by companies that claim they will get your key word to number 1 on Google…£900 one chap thanks.

We have tried various strategies, with varying degrees of success, we recently realised that to get ourselves onto the first page organically we would need to partner with a first page regular. After lots of research we decided to sign up with NOTHS, whose website receives around 4 million hits a year. Visitor numbers the likes of which Biccies are a very long way away from achieving.

We have been live for a couple of weeks and we’re delighted with the professionalism, the support and marketing from NOTHS is fantastic and we are delighted to be on board.

Biccies are about personalised gifts, edible gifts that look amazing and taste stunning. We have Biccies for a range of occasions, birthday biscuits, wedding biscuits and thank you biscuits to name but a few. As well as this we are always delighted to work with clients on their corporate gift biscuit requirements.

We are a fairly young company, still finding our way in the world of business, we’re very excited about the future and thanks to NOTHS, that future should be a lot brighter!

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Twitter competition

Last night at Biccies we decided to run a twitter competition, the prize for which was one of our delicious Father’s Day Single Biccies.


Naturally being Father’s Day on Sunday, we expected some interest but to say we were blown away by the response is an understatement. In little over 12 hours we added 130 followers.

We had some brilliant interaction and special thanks should be made to @misskatietweet who is always in the thick of it, she has helped us gain exposure several times in the past and she does a great job of re-tweeting and raising brand awareness.

The winner, as chosen by my Husband @Mrbiccies was @LinzeyWiley30 ,  who was absolutely delighted to have won.

Another entrant that had caught our eye with plenty of re-tweeting was @cheesy_Grinner who congratulated the winner so quickly we thought…why not make her a winner too. So we did, and she was pretty chuffed with that!

So there are two of those delicious Father’s Day Biccies making their way to two very happy winners to be enjoyed no doubt, by two very happy Dads!!

Keep an eye out for future competitions, we love them.

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Weddings, don’t you love them!!

The Cupcake Sanctuary is very excited to be delivering a wedding cake for Charlotte and James McCunn’s very special day tomorrow at the Bingham Hotel in Richmond, South West London.

The happy couple have gone for the stunning rose cake design that has proved so popular with so many brides and grooms, feedback for this particular cake is always brilliant which is absolutely delightful for me as the creator, baker and decorator and in most cases, courier!!

We are now starting to see a trend for combining our wedding cake range with the Biccies wedding favour range. I can’t tell you what a thrill that is for me, providing so much happiness on so many people’s special big day.

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Biccies – A recap

Biccies provides hand made, baked and iced biscuits to clients throughout the world. The company, which is located in Kent, was set up in 2008 and has 4 years experience in the edible gift sector.

Biccies offers a multitude of pre designed delicious edible gifts for occasions such as Birthdays, New homes, Weddings, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day and Easter to name but a few.

Biccies also offer a bespoke design service for corporate clients during which they ensure the clients precise requirements, in terms of design, presentation, delivery and budget are fully met.

Biccies prides itself on the use of the freshest, and where possible, locally sourced ingredients. The delicious biscuits are packaged luxuriously making them a delight to receive and unwrap. Biccies are sold as singles, boxes containing between 12-18 biscuits and bouquets.

Biccies has a premium list of corporate clients including globally recognised brands such as Disney, Denplan and Virgin. They have also worked on assignments for O2 and Etihad Airways among many others.

The company is owned by Jo Maloney who has worked within the Sales and Marketing industry since 1994. Jo turned her attention to the gift industry in 2008, combining her extreme talent in the kitchen with her service provision acumen.

Please check us out at alternatively you can call on 01634 540078 or 07878 737944

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